Moringa Oleifera can help fight cancer

Il Lae Jung, a researcher for the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute recently published an article describing an experiment where extract from Moringa Oleifera leaves were tested in vitro against cancerous cells and discovered significant benefits vs cancerous activity.  The experiment showed greatly induced apoptosis, inhibited tumor cell growth, and lowered the level of internal reactive oxygen species (ROS) in human lung cancer cells as well as other types of cancer cells, suggesting that the treatment of cancer cells with MOL significantly reduced cancer cell proliferation and invasion.  Also, Moringa appeared to have greater toxicity for tumorous cells than for normal cells, strongly suggesting that it could potentially be an ideal anticancer therapeutic candidate specific to cancer cells.

Written by: Paul Sober

1. Il Lae Jung (2014) Effect of Moringa Oleifera extract against cancerous cells. | Volume 9 | Issue 4 | e95492 (link to article)

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