Drumstick Tree – Moringa Oleifera

Moringa trees have many benefits and possible uses.  My primary interest is in their use as biomass energy production.  With irrigation, recommended spacing is 4″x4″ and they can be topped every 35 days.  Without irrigation, recommended spacing is in rows 16″ apart with 2″ spacing between trees. Wider spacing results in more leaves and shorter plants with thicker stems.  Closer spacing results in a doubling of the total biomass per acre.

Seeds germinate 10-15 days after sowing.  Harvesting every 35 days results in the highest recorded biomass yields.

Other possible techniques to increase yield:

  • Partial harvesting, leaving some leafy material to increase recovery time
  • Fertilizing with composted plant material
  • Plant closer together initially and then remove slower growing plants

This information is also applicable to use as a livestock feed.  Studies show a significant increase in milk production, weight gain and birthweight among cows fed a partial diet of Moringa Oleifera leaves.



About f0nq

I am an avid plant lover. Stark raving mad, foaming at the mouth, chewing my own leg off crazy about plants and how amazing, beautiful and interesting they are.

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