Moringa Oleifera – Supertree

Just got some Moringa Oleifera seeds in the mail the other day and am sprouting them right now.  This tree is a growing machine.  It has the ability to produce hundreds of tons of biomass per acre, each year.  It is the latest of my experiments with super-plants.


The idea of a tree like Moringa is fascinating to me for many reasons.  Here is a tree that can produce hundreds of tons of green matter per acre per year which can be converted directly to energy, or fed to livestock, or made into paper, or other things like building materials.  What an amazing plant.  It can also produce nutritious food, oil, protein and course fibers.


I want to learn about producing food and energy for the population.  Biomass power production is one of the most viable power production methods because it’s actually good for the planet.  Although it’s labor intensive, it is safe labor, and it is sustainable and draws carbon out of the atmosphere.  The important thing to remember about biomass power production is that there are often positive side effects which need to be capitalized, whereas fossil fuels almost always have negative side effects that have to be mitigated.


These seeds were sent to me from India.  I purchased 100 seeds on ebay for $6.  Experiments like this help me to learn more about what I am interested in, which is plants and how we use them to improve the quality of our lives.  These trees also make fantastic livestock fodder in places where they grow readily, and are one of the top plants for biodiesel fuel production.



About f0nq

I am an avid plant lover. Stark raving mad, foaming at the mouth, chewing my own leg off crazy about plants and how amazing, beautiful and interesting they are.

One thought on “Moringa Oleifera – Supertree

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